How to Play B Chord on Guitar – Easy Steps for Beginners

B Major Chord is one of the complicated chord to play on guitar. Unlike any other basic chords, B major does not really have an alternative open string position to play. And for some reason, there are fewer tutorials or references on how to play this chord. Some beginner guitar players get stuck on this chord for a period of time.

The reason why beginner guitar players tend to stop playing guitar because of those complicated to play barre chords. It takes time and dedication to learn and master barre chords on guitar and with proper guidance and right tutorials, everyone could enjoy the beautiful sound of the B major chord.

So in this article we are going to talk about the easy step by step on playing the B Major chord on the guitar and by the end of this tutorial you will get all the idea on how to start playing this chord. I will show you exactly on what finger to use, what fret to barre B chord and make things easier for every beginner guitar players. So let’s go and jump in the tutorial right away.

B Major Barre Chord

B Major is one of the common barre chords and not so easy to play. There are two ways on how to play B barre chord on Guitar. First position is by using your first finger to barre on 5th to 1st string and your 3rd finger barre on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string. Second position is your index finger on barre and using your 2nd, 3rd and fourth finger to press the 2nd, 3rd, and the fourth string.

1st Position

See image below.

B Chord Diagram Example
here is a chord diagram and finger position

This B barre chord is using 1st (index) finger on 2nd fret. And 3rd (ring) finger on 4th fret. See actual example photo below.

B double barre chord Example
B Chord on Both 1st and 3rd finger as barre

Only 1st and the 3rd finger are used to press the strings. The disadvantage on this position is if your 3rd finger is not flexible then you will have a hard time to avoid the first string. Make sure to only do the barre on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string on the 4th fret.

2nd Position

See image below.

B barre Chord and Position example
Here is a B barre index finger and position

The only difference here is that your 2nd 3rd and 4th fingers are specifically pressing a note. 1st finger is still pressing a barre on 2nd fret. See actual photo below.

B barre Chord example
here is a full view of a B Barre Chord

You can choose either the 1st position or the 2nd position. I myself as a classical guitar player does not use the 1st position and I could say that my finger is not design to use that position. One thing to remember is to use position you are comfortable pressing and playing.

Step 1 – Index (1st) Finger

First we are going to talk about how you will position your index finger on the 2nd fret on fret board. Check out my lesson on how to play a barre chord for the full reference. First thing to do is to find the bonier part of your index finger and that is the edge of your finger. Unlike the F Major chord, you will only press the barre from 5th string to first string.

Index finger position example
index finger pressing on 2nd fret

Also, always position your barre finger right behind the fret (fret bar). In that way, you don’t need to put too much force on pressing the barre and gives you a comfortable and better sound results.

Step 2 – Middle (2nd) Finger

While your index finger is positioned on 2nd fret, you need to bend your 2nd finger a bit for you to be able to reach the 4th string on 4th fret. You have to make sure to curl your 2nd finger properly for a better sound. See photo below for the right position.

middle finger position example
middle finger on 4th fret pressing the 4th string

Position your finger right after the 3rd fret bar so that you can position your 3rd and 4th finger. Coming up next is the 3rd finger.

Step 3 – Ring (3rd) Finger

Ring finger is the 2nd weakest finger when it comes to playing the guitar. But guess what? It will be easier to use the ring finger when closer to middle finger. The reason behind this is the tendons of your ring finger and middle finger are connected unlike the other fingers. So playing a chord that separates your ring and middle from each other would need time to practice. See photo below for the position.

ring finger position example
ring finger on 4th fret pressing 3rd string

Ring finger is positioned in the middle of the fret on 3rd string, 4th fret. Try pressing the 3rd string together with the 4th string using your middle and ring finger and check what it feels like. You won’t have a hard time pressing those two strings that is for sure.

Step 4 – Pinky (4th) Finger

Yes, 4th finger is the weakest finger when it comes to playing guitar. It requires a lot of your time, exercise and practice to be able to use it properly. But playing B chord does not need years of practice. Just like ring finger, pinky finger is stronger when closer to another finger rather than playing separately from others. See photo below for the position.

pinky finger position example
pinky finger on 4th fret pressing on 2nd string

4th finger is position right behind the 4th fret bar, 2nd string, 4th fret. Always remember that you need to curl your finger for the 1st string to sound properly. Try pressing step 2 to 4 and see what it feels like when pressed together. See photo below.

4th fret notes example
Pressing all the notes on fourth fret

The first thing that you should practice is to place your 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger on their designated strings then try to add the 1st finger (barre).

Playing the Chord

Follow all the steps from step 1 to 4 and try to position all your fingers on their designated strings. Make sure to practice the chord at least 30 minutes a day without skipping a single day and soon you will see how easy to play this chord

B Major barre chord example
full B Major barre chord easy to play.

Time and Dedication is the Key

Dedicate your time in practicing the chord and soon you will see your progress on your guitar journey. Don’t stop playing your chords until you master every step.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Randyford Molano

founder of Guitar Chords & scales


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2 thoughts on “How to Play B Chord on Guitar – Easy Steps for Beginners

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Randyford,
    I like your approach to explaining the chord. I’ve played guitar a bit myself and have found chords to be one of the most difficult things to learn, especially barre chords.

    I would probably try the 2nd position because I have trouble holding multiple strings down with multiple fingers at the same time. Sometimes you really have to contort your hand to get into the right position, but then it’s hard to “unwind” to continue playing once moving on to notes after the chord.

    I’m glad you talk about practicing a lot, that was the reason I improved a lot with violin.


    1. Randyford Molano says:

      Hey Ben, yes a lot of people just stop playing on their instruments because of the complicated notes, scales or position. Yes it takes a lot of time and effort to to build your skill but you have the patience to practice then you will also have good results.
      I have been using the second position since i started playing guitar 16 years ago and mostly like i would recommend to that position to all beginner guitar players. But still it depends in what position you are comfortable. Thanks on sharing your thoughts. If you still have any question, concern, Just leave a comment below.


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