Yamaha JR1 Guitar Review – Guitar for Beginners

JR1 Guitar with accessories example
here is JR1 Yamaha guitar with accessories

 Brand/Model: Yamaha JR1 Guitar

Size: 3/4

Prize: $154.99 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 8.7 out of 10

People nowadays love to bring instruments when they travel for pleasure and to have some fun through music. But somehow they felt like not bringing their instrument or guitar for the reason that it’s too big and occupies most of the spaces on their car or it is hard to travel with all the stuffs with those big instruments out there. Specially for kid players who want to bring their guitar in school but with all his bags and books, standard size guitars is gonna be impossible to bring. There is a solution to that! here is Yamaha JR1 Guitar.

Yamaha JR1 Guitar – Product Overview

Yamaha JR1 is one of the cheapest but quality travel guitar out there. This has proven that quality guitars does not always cost you too much. JR1 is a non-cutaway guitar with a 23 scale length and 20 frets. This guitar is excellent for beginners and also excellent for travel. It also has an excellent tone and sound that your kids might really enjoy.

Cheap Guitar, Standard Materials.

Yamaha JR1 Example
Yamaha JR1 guitar front look

Most parents buy the cheaper guitar for the reason that their kid might want the guitar now but the following days might want to learn other stuff. Simple reason, because kids do not enjoy the sound, the touch of the fret boards or probably their fingers were hurt because the strings are a bit higher from the fret board. But JR1 is cheap with a quality material that your kids will enjoy.

Yamaha JR1 is a 3/4 size dreadnought style guitar like the other standard size guitars body. Spruce was used to build the tonewood (Front of Guitar) that gives you a brighter sound with a good timbre, low bass but full sound and more mid range sound. The rest of the body is made from meranti wood.

NATO Wood is used for the neck that makes it stronger. Playing chords specially for beginners will have a smoother touch experience. Neck design is standard, looking plain but one that stands out is that it has binding on top edges that you can only see on expensive guitars.

Rosewood is one of the materials too specially on the bridge and a synthetic bone for the saddle. So overall with the materials, you shouldn’t have any problems and the build quality is better at this price.

Sound and Projection

We always expect that smaller guitars have smaller sound too. But not on this travel guitar. Yamaha JR1 is kinda opposite of what you think. It projects very well almost near to a standard guitar sound and when it comes to tone, it has a brighter treble sound, low but full base sound with a good mid range tone thanks to the dreadnought body style. Overall, JR1 has a quality sound for its price.

Better Guitars Comes With Better Sound and Result

With my experience teaching my students, The one with better guitars are the one enjoying their lessons. Also, results on their practice is much faster. I highly recommend that you always check on the quality product before buying your kids a guitar for them to benefit more from it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Randyford Molano

founder of Guitar Chords & scales

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4 thoughts on “Yamaha JR1 Guitar Review – Guitar for Beginners

  1. Tom says:


    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    It’s my nephew’s birthday coming up and he asked for a guitar, as he is starting to get into music and bands now.

    This guitar looks the perfect fir for him and it’s not too pricey, especially if you want a good one that will last a while.

    Thanks for sharing and giving me the idea. I’ll let you know how he gets on with his new guitar.

    All the best,


    1. Randyford Molano says:

      Hi tom! So glad that your nephew is liking to play music now. A lot of kids now a days would rather choose gadgets over an instrument. If you need anything or wanting to learn more about quality guitars, just drop your comment here! and ill be happy to make more reviews! thanks!

  2. Effie says:

    I found your article on time. My son needs a travel guitar to keep practicing when he is on the road. We have looked around a bit but the prices were too high. This one seems the perfect choice for his needs: affordable and of good quality. Thank you for this information!

    1. Randyford Molano says:

      Hello Effie! I hope that you find the guitar that your son will like. Yes, if you love to travel then this guitar is perfect for your son to carry and practice anywhere. If hope this review helps you. If you ever need a hand or want to ask more questions about JR1 please drop a comment below and i will be happy to help you out. Thank you


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